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Sant Gervasi Market

The project is located in the corner of a Sant Gervasi district block, in Barcelona. From the beginning, the market is understood as a unique meeting space for people. It is an “agora” that encourages social interaction through commercial activity.


The first decision is to align the building to the street and generating a passageway to the block courtyard, leading to an eventual outdoor market with the presence of vegetation. On the other hand, the steep slope of Escoles Pies Street opens the possibility of creating entrances at different heights.


On the ground floor, a few pathways with commercial spaces provide activity to the street and the main entrance of the market. This access is an extension of Carrencà Street, leading to a double space that articulates the different platforms of the building. A wooden pergola located at the highest point of the plot marks the second access while delimiting the interior square of the block. The third entry relates the covered market and the outdoor market, creating a variety of routes for users.


The building structure consists of a succession of timber frames that vary in height to adapt to the environment and program constraints. A skin made of polycarbonate panels allows diffused natural light to enter. In this way, a greenhouse effect is produced while improving the energy efficiency of the space in winter. In summer, the double space vacuum and the opening of the folding windows favor natural ventilation. Climbing plants clean the stale air and activate the senses of sight and smell that every market needs.

Architect: Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge

Collaborators: Oriol Bellido, Sergi Tabueña, Kevin Dalmeda, Carla Conill

Location: Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Project year: 2014