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Eixample Housing

The project is located in Corsega Street, on a plot in the Eixample district adjacent to the Gracia district. The block has a unique geometry due to the cut originated by the Diagonal Avenue. From the beginning of the design, the ground floor plan is sketched playing with the orthogonal and diagonal guidelines of the block.


The project put in relation three different ways of entering the interior of the block, a space between private and public that generates activity and life to the city. Firstly, Sant Agustí Street is prolonged, creating a discontinuity in the volume of the building and a passageway open to the sky. Secondly, walking down Torrent de l’Olla Street, a diagonal visual leads us through a covered pathway to the inner square. Thirdly, the project makes possible to enter the interior of the block through the commercial spaces giving onto Diagonal Avenue.


On the ground floor, a longitudinal courtyard provides access to the dwellings while establishing a progressive transition between urban and domestic. This patio delimits, on one side, the street commercial premises and, on the other side, the co-working spaces and restaurant that promote activity to the green space.


On the upper floors, each of the four cores of the building gives access to three apartments. A 81 square meters flat with a 14-meter north-west facade has a depth of 6 meters. The other two dwellings have an area of ​​84 square meters, a 7-meter south-east facade and a depth of 12.6 meters.


The distribution of the north-oriented house concentrates the kitchen and bathrooms in a longitudinal line parallel to the patio. This is followed by a circulation area leading to the different rooms, passing through the volumes that form the open plan kitchen, shelving and wardrobes. Thus, the living room, library, dining room and bedrooms directly face to Corsega Street. In the other two houses, the kitchen and bathrooms are located in the center, dividing day and night areas. The living and dining room are orientated to the block courtyard and enjoy a south-facing terrace, while the bedrooms ventilate through the building patio. A third housing typology of 113 square meters combines the design strategies of the other two dwellings in the corner of the building.

Architect: Román Izquierdo Bouldstridge

Location: Eixample, Barcelona

Project year: 2014